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The Queering of Medicine August 30, 2009

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This article is one man’s story. A gay physician. I can’t print the
entire article due to copyright restrictions. However, it is short
and poignant. Click on “The Queering of Medicine” to go to the article.

Once again,a valuable lesson in what it is like to
walk in someone else’s shoes.Why do we say walking in someone
else’s shoes? Is it too difficult to say “feel what they feel”?

CMAJ. 2008 June 3; 178(12): 1624.

doi: 10.1503/cmaj.080695.PMCID: 2396366

Copyright © 2008 Canadian Medical Association
Derek Puddester, MD
Director, Faculty Wellness Program, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ont.
I was 14 when my parents split up. It got so crazy that
my brother andI needed our own lawyer. I suddenly
had to become an adult in order to make sense out of chaos.
As part of that process, I told my Dad that I was gay.
He kicked me out and told me that if I ever came back
he’d kill me.I was barely 17. I dropped out of school,
got a job, and did what I needed to doto survive.
Now I’m 19, finished school, and building a new life
in a different city.I know where my 2 feet are and
how to stand on them; hate made more resilient.
But the thing that haunts me is the realization
that some people,like my Dad, dismiss me purely
because I love other men. — Jeff Mavraganis


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