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No Regrets for Changing Sex September 19, 2009

Posted by Geekgirl in anatomy, Gender Identity, Sex reassignment.
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No regrets for changing one’s sex, say FtM individuals in Serbia after 20 years.

J Sex Med. 2009 Apr;6(4):1018-23. Epub 2008 Mar 4.

Transsexualism in Serbia: a twenty-year follow-up study.

Vujovic S, Popovic S, Sbutega-Milosevic G, Djordjevic M, Gooren L.

Belgrade Team for Gender Identity Disorders, Institute of Endocrinology, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia. vujovics@EUnet.yu

INTRODUCTION: Gender dysphoria occurs in all societies and cultures. The prevailing social context has a strong impact on its manifestations as well as on applications by individuals with the condition for sex reassignment treatment.

AIM: To describe a transsexual population seeking sex reassignment treatment in Serbia, part of former Yugoslavia.

METHODS: Data, collated over a period of 20 years, from subjects applying for sex reassignment to the only center in Serbia, were analyzed retrospectively.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Age at the time of application, demographic data, family background, sex ratio, the prevalence of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) among female-to-male (FTM) transsexuals, and readiness to undergo surgical sex reassignment were tabulated.

RESULTS: Applicants for sex reassignment in Serbia are relatively young. The sex ratio is close to 1:1. They often come from single-child families. More than 10% do not wish to undergo surgical sex reassignment. The prevalence of PCOS among FTM transsexuals was higher than in the general population but considerably lower than that reported in the literature from other populations. Of those who had undergone sex reassignment, none expressed regret for their decision.

CONCLUSIONS: Although transsexualism is a universal phenomenon, the relatively young age of those applying for sex reassignment and the sex ratio of 1:1 distinguish the population in Serbia from others reported in the literature.



1. Crista Sadler - September 21, 2009

Welll DUH!!!!
These people are just following their brain structures makeup is all.
IS isnt Homosexuality nor a a fad.
Its folks being their true born as selves….

Hey Jude - September 21, 2009

Go Crista. Well DUH, indeed. So why do people believe being gay is a choice?

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