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No More Mr. Nice Homophobe September 26, 2009

Posted by Geekgirl in Commentary, homophobia.
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I came across a great blog on Progressive Puppy and feel compelled to comment. I don’t normally have “a word from our sponsor” on this blog. But today I do.

Right wing Christians have decided that it is time to stop being nice about gay rights. News flash to all the right wing Christians out there. Can you get less nice? Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe, Arizona has already preached that homosexuals should be killed. What else have you got that is worse than murder?

I’m fed up with all of you. I’m a straight, 54 year old woman. I’m educated. I was raised Baptist and if a nine year old child can find hypocrisy and conflicts in the Bible, I’m pretty sure you can too. Try READING it. Just start at the beginning. Where did Cain’s wife come from? That should keep you busy since there is no answer.

It’s hard to choose just one point from this article to argue, because they are all worthy of setting the record, ahem, straight. I’ve decided to choose their strategy. To once again denigrate and dehumanize gay people.

There was some small disagreement about how much people should rely on religious arguments in the public sphere, with Matt Barber urging people to focus on the “ick” factor around gay sex and on claims that homosexuality is a health threat, which he called the movment’s “Achilles heel.”

The “ick” factor around gay sex. Of course, he means anal sex. Mr. Barber, if you don’t like anal sex, don’t do it. Did you know that straight people engage in anal sex? Did you know there is no law against it? Did you know it is not your business? But most importantly, no one in the LGBT community is fighting FOR anal sex,  They have anal sex now. It won’t stop if they don’t get equal rights. They want equal rights. What every couple does in their bedroom is not the government’s business nor the church’s business, provided it is two mutually consenting adults. Come to my bedroom and I’ll whack you with the ironing board.

A health threat? Can’t say AIDS, Mr. Barber? HIV is caused by a virus. Viruses are very clever from a biological point of view. I know. I am a molecular biologist. However, they do not think. Anyone – and I mean anyone – can get HIV. Don’t approve of people having unprotected sex? I don’t. Join activists who are trying to reach people to promote knowledge of how the disease is spread and how not to spread the disease. But no. Because if it’s gay people with HIV, they deserved it, after all, they couldn’t possibly be human. You couldn’t possibly know someone gay. No one in your family is gay, no one in any of your friends’ families are gay. And of course, people choose to be gay, right?

Mr. Barber, tell me how you chose to be straight. Please. Do tell me.

People are born straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. There is nothing wrong with these individuals from a psychological or physical point of view. There is no disability, no mental illness. You may be uncomfortable with it. Your religion may have taught you that it is wrong. But that does not make you or your religion right. It makes you uneducated. It means you have something to learn. You don’t have to take it to this extreme. You could open your mind and listen to facts. It’s not that hard. Many straight people have woken up in the last two decades and have listened with their minds and hearts about gay people. We’ve challenged our assumptions and what we were taught. Because homophobia and degrading others is a choice. We are taught it. We are not born with it.

The gay agenda? Right wing religions have the agenda Mr. Barber. A dangerous one, designed to be “my way or the highway”. Religions set up groups to “cure gays”.  You claim gays recruit children. Find me one person who was recruited. Show me the recruitment center. You claim they molest children. Those are called pedophiles. Pedophiles are incapable of mutually respectful adult relationships, straight or gay. And most pedophilia involves a straight man with girls. Religions put Bibles in every hotel room, want creationism taught in science class, want evolution out of science class, want prayer in school, want God in government. You preach that other religions are wrong. You pick and choose from the Bible. And then when your own leaders have extramarital affairs, get divorced, commit fraud or embezzlement, molest children,or are caught with child pornography,  you gather around them to forgive them. That sounds like hypocrisy of the highest form.

Jesus wasn’t about being nice? Love one another? Love thy neighbor as theyself? Judge not, lest ye be judged? Let he among ye who is without sin cast the first stone? Which Jesus are you talking about? The Jesus I’ve read about spent time with prostitutes, the poor, the ill, the outcasts. He did not associate with people in power or who were corrupt. Although he was definitely political, I will grant you that.

Please. Go ahead. Be less nice in your choice of words. Show us your true colors. Because I think that when you do, you will lose followers. Because at some point, most people recognize extremism and its dangers. Gay people are already being beaten and killed because of your hateful words. You have followers that are mentally unstable and you will push someone over the edge. And that blood will be on your hands. Is that what you want? Violence? What would the Prince of Peace have to say about that?



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