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Does the Gender of Parents Matter? April 3, 2010

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Link to the entire publication Gender of Parents

This recent publication is an indepth study of parents. Heterosexual parents, lesbian parents, gay men parents. In general, two moms are better than one mom. Two parents are better than one parent. But the differences are slight and certainly nothing harmful. The paper also discusses how research about parenting has been twisted to be used against LGBT parents. Most research compares two parent families to one parent families. In general, life is tougher for families with one parent.

A quote from this paper.

Family Ideals and Ideal Families

The entrenched conviction that children need both a mother and a father inflames culture wars over single motherhood, divorce, gay marriage,and gay parenting. Research to date, however ,does not support this claim. Contrary to popular belief, studies have not shown that ‘‘compared to all other family forms, families headed by married, biological parents are best for children’’(Popenoe, quoted in Center for Marriage andFamily, p. 1).
Research has not identified any gender-exclusive parenting abilities (with the partial exception of lactation). Our analysis confirms an emerging consensus among prominent researchers of fathering and child development.

The third edition of Lamb’s (1997) authoritative anthology directly reversed the inaugural volume’s premise when it concluded that ‘‘very little about the gender of the parent seems to be distinctly important’’ (p. 10).

Likewise, in Fatherneed,Pruett (2000), a prominent advocate of involved fathering, confided, ‘‘I also now realize that most of the enduring parental skills are probably, in the end, not dependent on gender.’’



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