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About me

I am a molecular biologist with an interest in neuroscience. I have a decent understanding of molecular biology, cellular biology, developmental biology and genetics. I’m not a neuroscientist. I am no longer involved in basic research, however I do enjoy many scientific topics. Outside of LGBT research, I try to keep up with research on autism, climate change, kidney disease, breast cancer and aging. Because I’m not getting any younger.

I do have many LGBT friends and I support full equality for all people. My interest in science is the geek in me. My moral side does not need scientific proof of anything to believe in equal rights.

So why not reveal who I am? It’s the Internet and I’m an introvert. I don’t need Fred Phelps showing up at my door or where I work. I’m trying to just be the messenger for scientific publications. If I can help people understand how science is done and what we can learn from it, I’m good.



1. LGBT Cancer - August 17, 2009

Good idea for a blog. Our LGBT community needed a reliable and easy to digest source of LGBT research. Please stay in touch.
Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW
Executive Director
The LGBT Cancer Project — Out With Cancer

2. sexgenderbody - September 19, 2009

if you’re looking for a reason to visit mexico…


3. Tim - October 9, 2009

Thanks so much for this! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time digging through everything here. I’m sure there’s plenty for me to learn.


4. Shauna - October 11, 2009

I am a young researcher who is doing an project. I am looking forward to useing you blog.

5. Sean - February 6, 2010

Thank you for making the time and effort to put so many great resouces in one place! There is not enough research being done in the area of LGBT science. Your work is important =)


6. BiPsych - June 21, 2010

What a great idea! I hope to use your blog as an assignment for my Sexuality class this Fall (Bi psychologist and former resident of the Fred Phelps state)

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