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Why blog about LGBT research?

Welcome to LGBT Latest Science

As research and knowledge continues to unfold, I hope this will be a place where people can come for the latest information.

There are some rules. I promise to publish legitimate research, preferably peer reviewed from reputable journals. I’ll provide references and how to obtain the entire article if it cannot be published for free. If the research is legitimate, I’ll publish it. Yes, there are studies that contradict each other. That happens in science.

It is not my goal to prove or disprove that sexual orientations other than being straight are biological. I am a scientist and as a scientist I’m bound to remaining unbiased. However, as a human being, I have already made up my mind that there is nothing wrong with LGBT people. This is based on my own personal experience. In other words, I have plenty of gay friends. That is the best and only proof that one needs. I do not feel that proving that being LGBT is biological is necessary to gain equal rights. But let’s face it, when people understand it is not a choice, it can be the piece that opens their mind and softens their heart.

Comments are welcome, especially from those with expertise in genetics, neuroscience, cell biology, developmental biology, psychiatry, psychology, medicine and social services. I welcome healthy scientific discussion and debate.

Hate speech will be deleted. So will comments that say the Bible says homosexuality is wrong or God hates gays. The government guarantees freedom of speech. I don’t. There are plenty of places on the web to post your opinion. This site is dedicated to facts, logic and reasonable speculation.

Stay tuned, let me know if this site is valuable and how it can become more valuable.



1. Larry-bob - July 3, 2009

Cool idea.. will there be a Twitter feed as well?

lgbtlatestscience - July 3, 2009

Hey, great idea Larry-bob. I will work on that.

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