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Got a question?

I know the language of science can be difficult for non-scientists. If you have any questions, want an explanation, etc. Just leave me a note here. I’ll do the best I can.

If you want to see more about a particular topic, let me know that too.

Thanks for reading,




1. bridgeout - July 30, 2009

You rock and you are definitely a bridge builder Geekgirl!
Thank you!!

lgbtlatestscience - July 30, 2009

Why thank you!!

2. Rex - September 1, 2010

Do you know if there exists any medical evidence that there is a link between the use of medroxyprogesterone as a birth control and homosexuality?

3. Susanna Iris Astarte - January 4, 2011

HI there I’m a proud genderqueer lesbian ( at the moment) considering transition to male but not sure…I’ve been an activist for our LGBT community for many years.
I am currently enrolled at college and for my psychology class- I must find a recent study that uses the scientific method (hypothesis etc).
I’d love to use an an article about our community. Any ideas?? ( ASAP!) thanks!

Geekgirl - January 6, 2011

Hi Susanna, sorry that I just now saw your message. What type of study do you want? I have quite a few. Let me know if you get this email, I can send you research papers.


4. Monique Q. - February 5, 2011

Hey Geekgirl! I need your help! I’m doing my Master’s Thesis on whether or not GSA’s have an impact on the resiliency in LGBT Youth and I’m having a difficult time trying to find a resiliency scale to use. I tried looking for the Connor-Davidson Reslience Scale but am not finding it! I wanted to know if you know of a resiliency factor test that is sensitve to the LGBT population and/or one that you would recommend for this particular study. Thanks and I appreciate any help you could give me!

5. BearlyNormal - May 20, 2011

So! I saw that you haven’t posted in quite some time. I was wondering if you would like some assistance with your blog. As a social science researcher who focuses on LGBT issues in psychology and sociology, I think I could be some service to you. 🙂

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me back.

6. Al - July 24, 2011

I am currently in high school and am very interested in studying LGBT Studies in college. There are very few colleges and universities that offer this major. Do you have any advice for this issue? Should I study something broader? Many schools offer gender or women’s studies, but I do not know if that is what I should pursue. Do you know any professor of LGBT Studies or anyone in the field that could point me in the right direction? Thank you so much for your time.

7. Al - August 25, 2011

I would like to do LGBT research as a career. I’m a junior in high school and will start looking at colleges soon. I’m thinking of majoring in Psychology and either minoring or concentrating in LGBT Studies. Do you have any advice on a field of study or any other information that can assist me?
Thank you

8. Eric Mesh - March 2, 2012

I am a gay, male, scientist, who got interested in the neurobiology of behavior, sexual selection, and essentially the biological, hormonal, psychological and ethological research in all those “gay gene”, “fraternal birth order” and “antibody hypothesis” topics while I was in grad school in 2005. I’ve read the Roughgarden and LeVay books, Roselli, Bogaert, animal studies articles, etc. I’ve since gone into science education, training to be a teacher, but entertaining career shifts back to past passionate topics. My passion is understanding and public education of how science (and research) colors our world and what we understand about the world, and in turn, ourselves, through

My question: In the past 10 years, has there been significant advances in funding for, research in, publication or public education in, and championing this knowledge into public policy to color gay marriage arguments and general social paradigm shifts in viewing homosexuality?

In my opinion, there seems to be a deficiency or niche that exists (maybe a collection of non-profit organizations) for truly communicating the hard underlying evidence, limited at best (for now), to bring about social change. I know the top level controversies regarding gay science research, but I see that fear-based model of “if they knew what caused being gay, they’d seek to screen fetuses and terminate them” model as unbased, Most advances or advocates, have come from the entertainment and political industries, and not enough science is referenced when the question is ask the who? what? where? when? and most importantly, why? of being gay. You’ve put together a great blog and thought you’d have a well constructed response.

9. Jessica - July 24, 2012

Looks like you haven’t been active for a while, but a MSU scientist is hosting a seminar this fall on the biological basis for sexual orientation and will have a lot of great speakers. He’s currently fundraising to make a documentary with interviews of the speakers. It will be quality scientific work with excellent speakers and thought it might be something you would like to share with your network!

10. Momkraft - August 9, 2012

Boring straight mom here. I know I saw a documentary years ago that clearly explained the science of transgender among other things, including brain and body biology. (love science!) Can’t seem to find it again and can’t remember the name. Would like to share it with a friend. It was like a discovery channel or pbs documentary or something like that.

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