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1. Nicole S Spray - January 14, 2011

I, a transsexual – M to F. Surgery performed, under local, in Los Angeles, by Dr John Ronald Brown, Wilshire office. The year 1977, the day the 7th of January.

I was in Dr. B.’s employment in exchange for my SRS. I was there Summer of 1976 to 01.07.1977.

An opportunity of a life time presented itself. A friend had decided to back out of a scheduled experimental procedure, in exchange for SRS. It was during our break, that she informed me of her decision. She LOL and stated, “This is your chance Nicole.” I knocked on Dr. B.’s office and walked in. I could not sit. I asked, I begged perform this experiment on me. Dr. B. began to explain the procedure and what the outcome should be. I was not listening. He took my hand and said, “Nicole if anything goes wrong, I will schedule you for SRS. At this time I can not write of the experiment. Suffice to say, it went horrifically wrong. I continued to work. I was aware of the FBI, the 60 minutes interview, the possibility of Dr. B. losing his Medical License. All that was going on in the office was intense.

I remember opening the office the morning of January 7, 1977. I had caught the Santa Monica Bus on Highland and Santa Monica. It was so cold, yet it made me feel alive. I got off on Western and took the bus to Wilshire. When I arrived at the office, I walked back to operating room to wipe it down one more time. I had scrubbed it clean a couple times already. I then went to the patient room, I undressed, the experiment was painful and ugly. I could not look at it. I dressed in gown. Dr. B. came into the room, took my hands in his and asked if I were O.K. and if could get me anything. We looked at each and laughed. I hugged him with all my being. I said, “Thank you for giving me life. Many have read about Dr. B. and what they say is true. I was there. I know, I was there. The man had heart, he had great soul. Twice he took me into my home. At this time I can not continue on this subject. Suffice to say my feeling toward Dr. B. are conflicte.

Currently, Year 2011, I am working hard to locate a Transsexual primary care physician. I went to center who specializes in care for individuals like myself. My kind. You read their website and it reads good.

I had a horrid experience. I am a diabetic, every 3mons. I have and A1C. I asked them to make my appointment as early as possible. They would not hear of it. 11am was the appointment. I am insulin dependent, I take two kinds along with Symlin. We knew what would happened. My husband was upset. How can they do this to you. I said, “Honey we must be careful or they call security and say we are causing a disturbance.” By the time I was called in my body temperature was falling quickly. They were not feeling any veins. I continued to feel myself going down. I met some angels that day, 2 to be precise. And one who was hesitant, but whose humanity shined. I felt guilty, because I was causing a back log of patients. No one complained, but I felt so ill. I had no feeling in my arms. I explained, I feel no pain, please continue. I thought my sugar was dropping. I was wrong, it was rising. My husband was angry and stated, “Remember Nicole, if you do not take the insulin you sugar will rise. It registered 177, by the time we arrived home my sugar was 234. My honey drew 3 units of humulog. There were no physicians at the time. No one cared enough to see if I would be A.O.K, not a call, not a peep. This is inhumane care from a facility that proclaims a secure environment, a caring environment conducive to individuals like myself. My kind. LOL. I went to a website that proclaims that and list physician who provide services for individuals like myself. My kind. You will not believe what I found. The physician I had seen in 2005. We will never forget the 2005. I had found my own tumor, it was small, it was 2003. This Physician looked at us, pointed at my breast and commented that California Medi-cal, would not cover the surgery. Another tumor nodule was protuding from the nipple. I felt, then saw these tumors growing. Do you think, for one moment in time how this affected me. I gave each tumor a name. I could lie down flat. A therapist once told I was not bitter. Finally, Nov. 18, 2005 my left breast was cut off. It was done in the A.M. And I was released the following day along with drainage connected by small containers, that filled up with blood and tissue. DO YOU THINK FOR ONE MOMENT IN TIME THAT THIS DID NOT AFFECT ME, DEEPLY, DEEPLY, DEEPLY.

My husband and I went to each physician listed on the website. Most, if not all, saw patients at the Center. None of them carried Anthem Blue Cross. They have everything from A to Z, but this service is provided on a selective basis.

I had a piece of wood in my left foot. This occurred after I had a seizure, due to a Medical Physician, who stated that he would not be proscribing my mental hlth medication, because it was not therapeutic.

Last night I decided it was time to remove the object from my foot. My husband was in the shower. I filled a glass Jose Cuevo, smoked a lot of KUSH and reached for the craft carving tool. I felt the tears flow down my cheek, not in pain, but in disgust for what is the callous behavior of Medical Profession. I first made a cross incision and began to dig, and dig, I got part of it. I will again later.

In 2001 I was driven insane by my co-workers. The nurse physician assistant proscribed Paxel, I was already taking Prozac. I went into a bipolar episode. For over a month I was so happy, so alive. Then the doctor proscribed Depokote 500 MG 3x/day. Effexor 225 MG/day. I took this medication since 2001, I think that perhaps, that, if instead of enduring massive bully at work, by employees families and acquaintances, and would have treated with respect and dignity, humanity. I would sit in the Lobby for my breaks. I remember the day a manager/supervisor called me a freak to my face. Nothing was done. In fact, a top official, A mental health director, inform that the 9th floor did not want to work with me. The time I had returned from surgery, to find a large group of men I had worked for, standing in front of the elevator, turned, as one, and proceeded to mastrabate and ejaculated in my direction. These incidents and many, many more were the cause of my mental health situation. Please go to the PDR website and read the affects of the withdrawals. I endured this because I had no choice, I was forced to stop the medication. Bitter is not an adequate word to describe how I feel. It is more like they have taken my soul, my spirit, my heart and with a smile stomped on it.

2. Nicole S Spray - January 18, 2011

There is no shame, in not knowing a skill. The shame lies in blaming others for your ignorance.

http://www.medicare.gov I would request, beg that all providers, whom provide a medical service be aware of guidelines to ensure payment, in a timely manner. Please, my intent is not to offend, but encourage knowledge regarding a simple procedure. Set by our Government.

I was informed at LGB, that Anthem was not my primary insurer. LOL. I should know. I explained that Med-ical pays for my premium, Medicare contracts with an insurer, to pay for my health care. It is reasonable, to conclude, that all patient care should be billed to the Contractor that Medicare has approved and the patient has chosen.

I was informed that first, LGB would bill Med-Cal, and then Medicare, and finally Anthem. Patient Bills would take a long time to be paid, if this route is taken. I tried to explain, but too no avail.

An issue more pressing. I have run out of Symlin. Check PDR. I transferred my prescriptions, back to Walgreens, from the Jeffery Goodman Pharmacy. I called for a refill at Walgreens last week. I called today and asked the status of my Symlin. Walgreens stated, “It is too early to receive a refill of Symlin. Your insurance will not cover the cost and will not be available until Feb. 15, 2011.”

I called Anthem. Pharmacies do not call insurance companies anymore. That is the responsibility of customer, patient. My research and my insurer indicate the Jeffery Goodman Pharmacy had billed Anthem for a 78 day supply, on 12.07.2010. LOL I never picked up or received 78 day supply of Symlin. It is 9am and a beautiful California day. I have been ill several times today, because I have no Symlin. I debate whether I should contact the Jeffery Goodman Pharmacy or contact my Primary Care Provider, as Anthem suggested it would be quicker. LOLLLLLL

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