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Transgender Youth and Resilience April 9, 2010

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For the entire article, click here Transgender Youth

Development, Risk, and Resilience of Transgender Youth

Kimberly A. Stieglitz, PhD, RN, PNP-BC
(Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care,
-, 1-15) Copyright  2010 Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

Transgender youth are a group of people who are interesting, curious, passionate, and self-motivated. Like their peers, transgender youth strive for independence and take risks. However, they experience some unique challenges in figuring out who they are and who they are attracted to in a society that does not understand them.

The stigma they face because of different gender identity expression places them at high risk for becoming victims of discrimination,verbal harassment, and physical violence.The purpose of this article is to explore and describe the literature on the childhood developmentof gender identity and social reactions to nonconforming gender behavior, which in part explain behaviors that place transgender youth at high risk for HIV infection. Related topics include a discussion of common terms used in this article, typical gender identity and sexual development, challenges to development experienced by transgender youth, and HIV risks in transgender youth. The concept of resilience is introduced as a counterbalance for assessment and intervention in practice and future research with transgender youth.


Medical Journal Lancet on Uganda “Kill the Gays” Bill January 24, 2010

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The highly respected medical journal, Lancet, recently published an article on the proposed legislation in Uganda.
Ugandan bill could hinder progress on HIV/AIDS
Health workers in Uganda are concerned that a draft bill to criminalise homosexuality will hamper efforts to fight HIV/AIDS in the country.
Zoe Alsop reports from Kampala.
Click below to read the entire article.


Health and Healthcare of LGB Youth January 17, 2010

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Publication of the full article will happen in March. I know, there is no T. I will continue to post articles on transgender issues as I find them. I do search for them.

Annual Review Public Health. 2009 Dec 1. [Epub ahead of print]

The Health and Health Care of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents.

Coker TR, Austin SB, Schuster MA.

1Division of General Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Mattel Children’s Hospital, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, California 90024 and RAND, Santa Monica, CA 90401; email: tcoker@mednet.ucla.edu. (more…)

How to Close the LGBT Health Disparities Gap December 21, 2009

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From the Center for American Progress

I strongly encourage you to read this article, then email or mail it to your local physician, clinics and hospitals, medical school, nursing schools as well as local LGBT Healthcare groups. Click here to open PDF lgbt_health_disparities (more…)

Transgender Health Care – A Real Problem for Real People December 13, 2009

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Do you know about The Trans PULSE Project? The Trans PULSE Project is a survey whose purpose is to learn more about how discrimination and erasure affect health care services of transgender individuals living in Ontario, Canada.  The Project continues to need volunteers for the survey.  Unfortunately, you have to live in Ontario to participate.

Part of what I find exciting about this project is (more…)

How Erasure Impacts Health Care for Transgender People September 28, 2009

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The Trans Pulse project is a research project in Ontario, Canada, looking at how the healthcare system provides for transgendered people. Even though it is for Canadians, if you are from another country, you might still enjoy their website.

“I Don’t Think This Is Theoretical; This Is Our Lives”: How Erasure Impacts Health Care for Transgender People (more…)

The importance of sexual orientation in the medical consultation September 20, 2009

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Another call from Israel regarding the importance of educating healthcare providers about LGBT issues.

The importance of sexual orientation in the medical consultation (more…)

LGBT Education for HealthCare Providers – Sweden September 20, 2009

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Second post about healthcare providers. More acknowledgment that nursing and medical students need education on LGBT individuals. This time, from Sweden.

Students’ Inadequate Knowledge about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons (more…)

LGBT Education for Medical Students September 20, 2009

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Do you worry about finding a healthcare provider that understands what it means to be LGBT? (more…)